Moonstone Therapeutic Massage
Devon Iler, LMT

About Devon

Greetings, and thank you for choosing this time to get to know more about me.

Louisville Kentucky has been my home since I was brought into this world. I absolutely love it here. I am provided the perfect balance of hustle & bustle city life as well as being secretly surrounded by meditative forests and parks. I am a 2014 graduate of the Louisville School of Massage & have been practicing consistently since I received my license through the state that following January 2015. In April 2016 I became certified in Nuad Borarn, Thai massage or assisted yoga & my Reiki attunements/certifications in 2017. I will receive my Master Level training this July 2017.

My goal as a massage practitioner is simply to bring relief of muscle tension, decrease stress levels & increase awareness of the body and mind to each of my clients. So many folks around us suffer from stress or anxiety, chronic pain or some form of discomfort from repetitive daily routines & lack of practice focusing on themselves & their bodies & minds. It doesn't have to be this way. With each & every massage my intention is to invite you to gaze inward so you may be reacquainted with your own body & mind, & post massage I welcome you to take home suggested stretches & habits that will help you maintain fluid movement in the body & discover the peace within you. Together we can create positive change in the body & thus positive change in our lives.


All that I do is for you.

Sat nam.