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Devon Iler, LMT

Tuning In

Tuning in At Home with Breath + Movement



I designed this video with my clients in mind, specifically those unaccustomed to the language and techniques of yoga or mindfulness, however these exercises may be used and be benefit to anyone on any level of practice.

Enjoy a short but sweet introductory video focused on discovering awareness and inner peace within breath and body through breath-work and movement right in the comfort of your own home.

Flow with me as I guide you by beginning to slow down with gentle breathing, followed by a short yet beneficial awareness meditation, and finally closing with some light yet powerful yogic exercises, including spinal maintenance, side body lengthening, hip opening lunges and more, all while maintaining that same steady breath we began with.

In this 20 minute video you can experience a taste of inner peace and formulate awareness each day through breath, meditation and movement. I invite you to slow down with a beginner-friendly non-advanced approach to the art of tuning in. It all begins with the breath.

Namaste, and thank you. Many blessings from Moonstone


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